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Water water every where

 Okay so not so much everywhere. But the body is composed of water about 50% for Females and 60% for males. Its very important to ensure you keep a good ratio of water are it is used by the body in so many ways. Keeping hydrated is important and so very easy to do however 90% of the population doesn't maintain a healthy level. Soda, pop or what ever you call it is not very healthy. Most have a lot of calories that your taking in and can really throw off any weight loss program. Diet soda  is just as bad since artificial surges are used to sweeten the beverage not to mention the acid and flavorings added. Over all these play havoc on the body and just not good for it. There are many studies out on the Net a quick Google search will give you lots to read on.   Juice is just as bad on surgery compounds  and usually contains 5-8 servings of fruit than what the body needs. Also juice is high on carbs which makes it great when your sick or need to recover but over all you shouldn't