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Musings: flower

Beauty from the prefect blend's of colors from garden's.  Her hair given the sweet smell of sweetnes itself.  Her lush lips ripened from the lushest flowers.  Eyes you could drown in, from the pools tht surround a flower.  Soft as pedals from a flower.

Musings: My Battle

My body is a battle field against neglect. My wounds are stretch marks, bruises ,and cuts. My sweat mixes with tears of pain, sorrow and regret for the mistreatment of my body. I shall fight to be lean and stronger. My struggle is my own and I shall be unmovable in my determination to overcome the obstacles that are before me. I will dominate the enemy of being overweight with my willpower and resolve. I will reshape my body and my destine for the betterment of the one thing that matters above all else. Me. ~ By Christopher Simms