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Site Update 04/29/2019

  Updated Theme to  Leviathan  template from Rockettheme Organized articles into blog format. Added tags to articles for blog formatting Updated other backend components. Updated icons used on site.

WorkBench 2.0

 So this is my second workbench build the first one was built into shelving that made up the entire wall of the garage.   The Idea: Build a new workbench using materials I already have avaiable.  Features: Free Standing Shelf above bench 6ft long Light below shelve Power Strip for power peg board backer to hang tools off of for easy of use.  The Before:   The After:   {loadmoduleid 154}


 Welcome to my Workshop.  I like to stay busy in my free time so I am usually doing one project or another. Below are some of the projects I've done.    {loadmoduleid 139}