Musings: Daughter

 Dressed upon her knightly steed she races off into the night were only the king and his daughter knows. For this message has a secret that know other knows but the King and the Daughter of the King. "Thy message is of great importance little one" these words echo in the inner mind. "Yes my king I shall exceed were others have failed." Racing against time is what it has come down to and she must be the first to reach the forest of elves. For she is the only one that has the knowledge to undo this fatal mistake. She a simple messenger must pass the up roaring city folk at the castle gates. If this failing kingdom is to be saved before its fated death. She must deliver the most important treasure of the kingdom to the elves. The elves are the only ones that might be able to protect the treasure from their enemy's.   Reaching the elves with little time to spare no it is dawn and a night of longest nights must pass before her travel returns her to her kingdom if it is to be saved.  A worried father passes back in forth in the great hall of the kingdom tonight his thoughts are with his daughter and for no one else. Thing that he could have sent no other but her if the kingdom was his to pass to her.


by Christopher Simms


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