Gadget - KeySmart

So I saw this in an article from the Art of Manliness website as an advertisement for the KeySmart. I was very intrigued by it and though OK it's cool I want one. If it can do what it describes then it should solve the Pocket Budge of my Keys.  Oh it took care of that and more! It has slimmed down the key into a very easy to carry in my pocket especially in my tight jeans. I love it so much and it was fairly each to put the keys in and screw together. I found that I was also able to use one of my Kingston USB Flash drive into it also so very much a bonus. The price is a bit steep but I think it was well worth the $20. There are different Colors to choose from and also a there is a titanium version.  Check it out and get yourself one.

You can Order on Amazon Also! KeySmart


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