Update - 2/23/2015 252 pounds

Time for an Update! I'm at 252 YAY! So since Aug 18th it's now 53 pounds that I have lost in the last 6 months. The target is about 190 or 9% body fat which ever comes first. The reason that I say this is cause I am doing heavy lifting and putting on muscle so that does change things. My height is 5'11 close to 6 foot from what i can tell depending on what chart you go by the optimal weight for a 5'11 male is 180. However I am pretty broad shouldered and thick so I figure around 190ish should be a good goal to go for.  I've gone from a size 50-52 down to a size 40 at this point. Looking pretty good in cloths however I still have alot to loose. But happy with what I see so far.


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