My Story

For those that do not know me and about my struggle with weight loss.Like most of you I have had a hard time losing weight.  The heaviest I have ever been was 230 pounds and I swore I would never end up that way again. Well it started happening again the back pain got worse and the more my sleep was affected.  I once again found myself at 215 pounds again. I knew I had to do something life changing as it was the only way I would achieve loosing the weight.

Note that I went pretty drastic at this point and wouldn't recommended doing the same thing I did as I made lots of changes in a two weeks. But this is how I approached the problem and it worked for me. Spending several hours online reading up on best methods to loose weight I ordered a workout videos and printed out some articles.  Grabbing a few paper bags and trash sacks I went into the kitchen and got rid of anything that was fried, processed and pre-packaged. I got rid of all the soda and juice in the house.  After that there wasn't much left in the house and it was no wonder why I had trouble keep weight off.

Taking a new approach  I went with cooking my own food from that point on. Later I would learn a lot more that helped and open more options once I learn how to eat properly. The best things to go with when starting off is whole foods and water you really can't go wrong here.  For something to drink I mainly drink water. However I do have coffee (black) and green tea both help with weight loss.

I have slowly learn things and added more exercise to my list on healthy living to put in to practice. I'll share those in later articles.  But if you want to get started. I would advise the following on points.

  • Drink water, coffee, tea ( stay away from refined sugar and artificial sweeteners if at all possible as they directly highly affect glucose or have a negative impact on the body. ) Natural Sweeteners are okay like Stevia just don't use to much.You can loose a good 10-20 pounds easy by not drinking surgery or carbonated drinks.
  • Avoid refined, fried and processed foods.
  • Figure out in your week when you can get some exercise and commit to it. Start working out  one or two days each week this is true if your really over weight +100 pounds.  Start off with getting 10- 20 minutes of exercise for each day you plan then increase an additional 10 minutes  every two weeks till you get to about an hour. It doesn't matter the exercise just find something you like and do it. Walking, Biking, weightlifting, etc.
  • Stay Motivated and keep  reading up on healthy way of living. You don't really need pills and fitness plans to start. 
By following these simply things I was able to drop 45 pounds off in 3 and a half months. So it does work you just have to stay committed and accept your making a change for the better. I started following along with some of the exercise programs on TV just doing as much as I could with out pushing to much as I didn't want to hurt myself. After a 3 weeks I found something better that I liked doing and it didn't make me feel like a beached whale floundering around on a beach and that was weight lifting. The more I learned the more I liked it and I discovered through a audiobook I purchased on audible called Muscle Myths it was only 5 dollars on special.  Which really opened my eyes and gave my a new approach to loosing weight. I purchased his Bigger learner Strong book and the Workout book and have been following along with it as guidance. I highly recommend them to anyone. There is a Male and Female versions of the books to follow and purchase. I have been reading and learning also putting the knowledge I learned from High School biology class the more muscle you have the more energy you burn up which means more fat is used up the thinner you can get.  I will go into more details in another blog post for those interested. But this should give most people a good start on where to go. Till I post again remember to "Animate your Life. "


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