So it beings.

Welcome to under I think I have found a good home to keep Anidrop at this time.  It's been a long time since I have really accomplished anything far as posts to the website. So a make over and a fresh start is called for.  For those that have been here before Glad to see you back and if your new Welcome. I have a few goals to accomplish with the new site.

1.) Keep track of how I am doing in my Transformation project on my self.
2.) Share my Experience while working out and general health options I am going with.
3.) Share Ideas and post things I find interesting that other may like.
4.) Let others know were I am at on my current hobbies.
5.) Showcase a few projects.
6.) Make a Post to the Site / Blog everyday (at least much as possible.)
7.) Out line a few things that have changed my life and experience greatly.

I would like to thank you the Reader for coming by and check out the blog. Please come by often or Subscribe to see whats up.  And remember to "Animate your Life. "


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