Weekly Meals

Weekly Meals

In a series of posts I'm going to put up what my meals look like and currently eating. Hopefully this will give you the readers an idea on the many options on eating healthy other than chicken breast and brown rice. After all you can only eat so much chicken breast and brown rice before quitting all together cause you give up.

 Note here that I prepare my meals head of time and in bulk. This is purely a cost and time saving method for me. Also this is a method I can stick to and avoid over eating less often as I tend to eat what ever is in front of me so this limits my caloric intake.

I prepare 2-3 different meals  at one time. This does mean I spend a few hours in the kitchen but in the long run it saves time. Plus I can easily reach into the freezer or frig and pull out a meal when getting ready for work or on the go. I generally eat two meals at work and breakfast at home when I wake up. I will cover breakfast in another post. This is just covering lunch or dinner for this week. What to eat I will cover in a future article and how much to eat as well. 

Meat (Protein): Reduced Fat  Ground Turkey, 93% Lean Ground Beef, Whitening Fish , Chicken Breast, Steak 
Veggies (Slow Burn Carbs, Fiber): Broccoli, Green Onions, Celery, Yellow Onion, Sweet Peppers
Wild rice Mix ( Fast Carbs)

Grilled Steak and Sweet Peppers with out rice

Grilled Steak and Sweet Peppers with Broccoli Rice

Sliced Chicken Breast can add rice or veggies

Single Serving of Rice Mixture

Single Serving Containers


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