Wood/Charcoal Smoker Modifications

 After using the rebuilt smoker for a year I wanted to improve upon the smoker and add a few features that would improve on cost of using the smoker. 

The Idea: I made the mistake of putting in L brakets to raise the cooking grate I made the area smaller between the grats and the top of smoker. To make it most cost effective I went from laying ribs down to standing them on end. Beef ribs and some times pork ribs and to tall to fit inside the chamber. I wanted to take out the brakets to have more room to stand the ribs on end using standing rib racks. This would allow me to get  about 3 sides of ribs into the smoker.  I also wanted to install a fan and temperature controlled module to extend the life of my fuel (wood/ Charcol) also this would notify my when the fire is getting to lower so I can add more into the firebox. 


  • Fan and temperature monitoring 
  • Expanded cooking volume


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