Meals: Frig Diving 04152015

Rumble, rumble goes my stomach today while rummaging around in the frig looking for something to eat for lunch. Staying "Healthy" can be hard when caught with out anything prepared and needing it fast. Today's time flies by with us spinning around in our shoes when trying to get this or that done.  So putting something to eat can be a difficult decision. The first step is keeping things in the frig and pantry that you can throw together. Today I so happen to have a left over tomatoes, cottage cheese, English muffin and in the far back of the pantry a can of tuna.  From the frig I pulled out some frozen Kale that didn't get used when making a casserole. So slice up the tomato and scoop a few spoons of the cottage cheese dose the deal. Toast up the English Muffin to spread the on the tuna with some warmed in the microwave kale does a decent sandwich.  From these we get a small amount of Fat which is all good fats that is needed by the body. Some quick and long burning carbs with lots of good protein to make it through the day.


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