Water water every where.

Okay so not so much everywhere. But the body is composed of water about 50% for Females and 60% for males. Its very important to ensure you keep a good ratio of water are it is used by the body in so many ways. Keeping hydrated is important and so very easy to do however 90% of the population doesn't maintain a healthy level. Soda, pop or what ever you call it is not very healthy. Most have a lot of calories that your taking in and can really throw off any weight loss program. Diet soda  is just as bad since artificial surges are used to sweeten the beverage not to mention the acid and flavorings added. Over all these play havoc on the body and just not good for it. There are many studies out on the Net a quick Google search will give you lots to read on.

Juice is just as bad on surgery compounds  and usually contains 5-8 servings of fruit than what the body needs. Also juice is high on carbs which makes it great when your sick or need to recover but over all you shouldn't drink it all the time. Stick to eating your veggies by whole foods you will get all the benefits, like complete nutrients and fiber from a tomato or apple to name a few.

The Morning Zombie  has to have his caffeine so coffee (black) and Green Tea are my options to get enough caffeine inside of myself so I can function in the morning. I usually have two cups of coffee in the morning and a tea in the afternoon.  Bonus on the caffeine found in coffee and tea as it is good for boosting the metabolism if your on the weight lose trail like me. There are several good compounds in green tea that are good for you. Again a Google search will let you know what they are.   Avoid the morning Starbucks coffee you be surprise at just how much fat, surge and carbs is in that coffee. Oh the Sacrifices we must make for our health is some times terrifying. Try a Mint Majestic tea at Starbucks instead of that cappuccino for a suggestion if you need your starbucks or a straight black coffee.

So how much water should you be getting? Well that depends on how active you are the more active the more you should be drinking even if your not thirsty you should be drinking water. Chance  is if your thirsty your already dehydrated. Health officials recommend 8 eight ounce glasses of water per day which is 1.9 liters. A gallon of water is roughly 3.7 liters per day. If your lifting 5 times a week or very active you would be getting around a gallon of water a day. Remember your food your eating will play into this so it's not really all that much once you start thinking about it.  I drink about 4-6 25 oz water bottles per day that's about 3.4 litters per day. I generally have one bottle with each meal. This improves digestion and extraction of nutrients from what I eat plus it also makes me fill fuller for a more satisfying meal. I refill my water bottles using a ZeroWater 10 Cup filter pitcher since it's cheaper than buying bottles of water and it better for the environment. I usually drink another 2 bottles when working out half pre and post then a whole one during.  If  summer coming up I more than likely will be adding another 3 bottles due to water lose while sweating. So keeping a water bottle around you is important at all times.

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