Keeping it Healthy - Garlic Rosemary Grilled Chicken

This week I'm going back to the basics and keeping it simple. This week I prepared the normal chicken breasts on the grill. With the temperate warming up it's that time to fire up the grill so after preforming the cleaning on the grill and getting it all prepared for the new season I started some coal to fix the chicken. Depending on your tastes you will have to adjust the below.

The sauce:
3 Splash of Fish Sauce
3 table spoons of Minced Garlic
4 pinch of Dry Crushed rosemary
3 table spoons Olive Oil
2 pinch salt
4 Grinds of black pepper

After grilling the chicken as its still hot dump the chicken into the Sauce coat and then rest. After 4-6 minutes toss and coat again in the juice and sauce that has came out.  I am pairing the chicken with frozen broccoli  that I steamed in the microwave. For the carbs I using brown rice with a little bit of cinnamon and paprika.  After all the cooking is finished I weighed & measure it all out. Then box it up into meals for the week.


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