Motivation - Part 3

This is Part 3 of the Motivation articles that I am writing to show how I have been staying motivated on loosing weight and getting healthy. As I explained it's a head game that you have to start playing with yourself. Once you start you will easily keep up on it. This will lead into have brainwash yourself into a healthy and fit lifestyle. Another good way to keep health and fitness on your mind or running in your subconscious is reading and listening to books / articles. Reading a 3-5 minute article will improve your tools and knowledge that you have at your disposal. Armed with knowledge you can stay on top of things and accomplish your goals.
Walking to and from work (or class) you can listen to a audio book making maximum use of your time. Running, Jogging, or riding a bike? Audiobook! There a lots of good audiobooks out there or even Podcast! Below are some of my favorite pod casts and audio books all of them are recommend.

Muscle for Life
Primal Blue Print

Bigger Leaner Stronger
Thinner Leaner Stronger

Bigger Leaner Stronger (men) available on Amazon
Thinner Leaner Stronger (women) available on Amazon 


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