Something Yummy - Chicken Pasta Mix - 03122015

Going on the past recipe for the chicken I have fixed in the past I used a different version of the pasta side that I fixed the prior week.

I baked the chicken breast as before with the Goya Spice and sliced it up as usually then put it in with the below version of pasta.

As before started off cooking the pasta to just shy of al dente. Drained part of the water till I had about a cup of pasta water remaining. Then added in the other ingredients into the pot. followed by mixing everything well. I skipped the cup of chicken stock in this version. Mix it well and dished it out into servings that meet my daily in take of protein and carbs.

1 box (12oz)  Whole grain pasta wheat
1 can Black beans
1 can Rotel tomato chilis
1 can Mixed veggie
1 can Tomato okra corn mix
1 jar  14oz pasta sauce

1 can 4.5 Oz green chili's


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