Something Yummy - Chili Sausage Rice - 03142015

As everything I experiment with recipes to make things simple and easy to cook to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I cooked this in a batch like most things. However I made use of the slow cooker this time instead of the Oven and Stove top. I've been reading up on slow cooker recipes since soon it will be summer and who wants to turn of the oven when it's so hot. So its easier to have a slow cooker going than a oven all day.

Started with the rice and water for 3 cups of rice I started this cooking for 2 hours. The total end time is 8 hours. I have a automatic shut off slower cooker so this can be made at anytime and it will turn itself off. So it's a easy meal to start before breakfast and be ready by noon. Note that I don't list how much of each spice as I just spice my food to my taste and everyone's taste is not the same so experiment till you find what you like. 

3 Cups brown rice
4 Cups water 

1 Can Chili (wolf brand)
1 Can Cream corn
1 Can Cream of onion
3 Cups brown rice
2 Package bratwurst 16oz chicken and pork
2 Med onions chopped 

Curry powder
Chili Powder 
Smoked paprika
3 good squirts Sriracha hot sauce
Garlic powder
All spice
Black pepper


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