Update - 03/18/2015 - 255lbs

Ok after a nice week and a half vacation I'm having to do some back track. After the vacation I went up to 258 pounds. Which is actually pretty good I think. I did enjoying my self a little on eating with out keeping track of any thing. I'm currently back down to 255 this week. Just another 4 pounds to loose to put my back to where I was. Which shouldn't be to hard. I've had to go back and recount my caloric intake and found that I was eating to many unplanned snacks because of being raging hungry in the evenings. So to settle the craving I was hitting the snack machine. Going back over my notes and so forth I have stepped up my protein intake. This has did the charm of making my feel fuller and more satisfied over all. (Take you Quest Protein chips) I've also taken back to doing some Casein before bed. So I'm not waking up so hungry then carrying that hungry through the morning when breakfast doesn't satisfy. Also Increasing fiber (ground Flax seed Supplement) intake has helped as well.


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