Motivation - Part 1

So how do I stay motivated will it's a battle at the start but it gets easier as things become more of a habit. I'm going to post a few articles of things that has helped my stay motivated and keep going. One of the things  that I make use of is a FitBit. I've already reviewed the FitBit in a previous article which can be found here.

Along with the FitBit I make use of the API technology and Virtuagym to upload my FitBit progress into Virtuagym this allows my to track my total progress in Virtuagym. With Virtuagym I can keep track of my calories and workouts the progress that I make. They have an App for Android and Iphone so keeping track is easy. You can sign up for a free account and use it free with limited function. The Subscription is reasonable as well. There are many workouts that you can try. I recommend starting of with the Morning Workout it's a good 30 minute workout you can do in the morning.  You can check out my profile and see my details here.


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